Are You Worthy of Your Wishes?


Are You Worthy of Your Wishes?

March 1, 2016
Bill Gatten
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Some of us are born with certain gifts that seem to automatically make superstars of us without a lot of effort (‘natural athletes, natural actors, natural musicians, artists, and writers…the unnaturally “gifted”).  But alas, most “superstars” have attained that status by virtue of their common birthright. In fact, most of us have to establish whatever super stardom we are ever to attain, by the sweat of our brows, and most often doing so in the face of sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles and handicaps with which the evolution and unfolding of our individual lives have bestowed upon us/ (i.e., in order to test our resolve).

As far as any of us know with certainty, we didn’t choose the geographical location of our birth, ‘our parents or their nurturing abilities or their mindsets; …’neither did we sort through and choose the circumstances under which we, or our parents, were raised.  We are, however (none-the-less), victims of all of those aspects of our own heredity, parentage, peer-influences and early environmental factors. Fortunately though, we’ve each been bestowed with the gift of Free-Will, and the right to override, eliminate or neutralize any part of our personal beingness and neural programming that we are mentally strong enough, and willing enough, to look at closely enough…’and take the time and actions necessary to understand it and work through it, around it…’in spite of it.

This aspect of who we are, and whom we are entitled to become, has many names: ‘Directed-Destiny; Programmed-Life-Management; Self-Discipline; Structured-Determination, Focused-Achievement, and so on.  ‘But what it all boils down to is the reality of one’s ‘self-esteem, self-motivation and personal determination.  In other words, every one of is a composite of the circumstances and obstacles encountered throughout the process of living a human life from birth to death.

The most destructive error committed by so many of us is living without access to, or a full awareness of, our absolute right to self-determination (‘i.e., not knowing with any certainty that any reasonably “normal” human can become whomever he or she chooses to be–‘despite the steady stream of conflicting experiential influences that are encountered hour by hour throughout the course of every human lifetime.

When a person mistakes desire for necessity, i.e., ‘allowing wishing, hoping and wanting to replace the concept of acknowledging honest “needing,” the prospect of achieving maximum personal fulfillment in one’s life, diminishes exponentially with every “mock supplication.”  In other words, one’s praying for something superfluous relative to being or becoming whom you choose to be is a wasted effort.

Irrespective of whom or what you accept your God to be, ‘no prayer for something unnecessary has ever been answered, nor will it ever be even though unrelated synchronous events may make it seem so from time to time.   Consider the nonbeliever who declares before a large group of onlookers, “OK God, if you truly exist, strike me dead right now.”  ‘Nothing happens because the entreaty is obviously insincere and in no manner relative to any part of the supplicant’s life or welfare, or the evolution path of humanity.

From another standpoint, consider the likely result of someone’s praying that they will be made a millionaire within a week, when they have no need for more money than they already have, and have not considered what they will do with a million dollars should it actually fall from Heaven.  Consider how many “Aunt Mary’s” have passed-away due to a severe illness, after their entire family and their church has prayed for them to continue living despite their condition?  ‘Then considered the likes of someone like, say, Dr. Jonas Salk (1914-1995 – Polio vaccine) or Dr. Christian Barnard (1922-2001 Heart Transplant), or Madame Cure (“Marie Slowdowska-Curie 1863 – 193 – radiation): each of whom, instead of praying (i.e. “wanting” and beseeching an unseen force armed only with a “desire” for success) they Needed—‘with a burning desire for success)—’to assist in saving and enhancing the the lives of millions upon millions of human beings who would, ‘without the “Dire Need” that was such a crucial part of these famous people’s lives, ‘would otherwise all have died  of their maladies much earlier.

This concept of Dire Need being the Provider of abundance is what Napoleon Hill referred to re[eatedly in his book, Think and Grow Rich, as “burning desire (i.e., ‘unquenchable necessity).” It is only a burning desire that can lead us through the life-changes and mental programming and re-programming necessary for the fullest achievement of the abundance that is every free human’s absolute birthright and which each of us deserves.

To make a wish, we need do nothing but think it, retain it in our thoughts for a while, and wait and see what happens. With Dire Necessity, however, we must move several steps ahead, and acknowledge without question that unless the Need is fulfilled, we will actually die in some way or to some significant degree should the components of that which we summon into existence not manifest.

The part that most people have trouble understanding fully enough is that we humans are simply incapable of allowing any real Need to go unrealized. When it comes to Needs versus Wishes and Wants, we all will strive to fulfill every Need at any cost: while our wishes, hopes, dreams and prayers take a backseat until they are converted to Need.

Have any of us ever gone without water or food indefinitely?  No (‘at least none of us who are reading this article at the moment).  And that’s because we would die if we did.  And think about it, do drug addicts and alcoholics go without their regular ingestion of their chosen poisons?  No!  ‘Because a terrible sickness and feeling of imminent death and indescribable loss would overtake them and a major part of who they have become would have to experience a horribly painful trauma ending in death or something very close to it.

The fact is that no true need goes unrealized…ever! One might idly wish for food and drink and not get it right away: but when it becomes a matter of having it or dying, worms and insects become as tasty morsels.  A true Need for sustenance will never fail to appear (‘even to the extent of one’s own body’s resorting to ingestion of its own fat and protein reserves in order to prolong existence as long as possible.  Ergo, it would then seem that if a particular goal were to become a necessity incorporated within the concept of “avoiding elements of the loss of mortality, its attainment would be virtually certain.

In support of this concept, consider the reason we panic when deprived of air even for a brief while. It’s because without oxygen death is certain and imminent. When struck with any illness, our fear of dying calls our sympathetic and parasympathetic neural systems to the healing process ‘to the detriment of of the life-saving biological function of sugar, protein and fat stores.

When we have too little income, ‘why do we worry and fret about bills, creditor retribution, legal action and loss of our personal possessions? ‘It clearly is because we are overtly afraid of being unable to sustain our lives should we fail at those activities that we deem necessary for human survival.

It is the universal fear of dying that forces all of us to strive, ‘to forage, to earn, achieve and build (and re-build). Though we are hardly ever consciously aware of this ever-present, all-pervasive mortal fear, is always there: ‘prodding us ever onward, ‘relentlessly requiring toil, attainment, procreation and the building of nutritional stores and reserves.

In view of all of this, ‘doesn’t it stand to reason that if we would seek to accomplish something heretofore seemingly unattainable or impossible, that it would naturally manifest only if it were to be directly connected to our natural fear of death (‘i.e., making our heart’s desires necessities rather than idle wishes).

Let’s say you’d like to build a 40-story high-rise building, ‘or, say, a 1,200 foot-long aircraft carrier: you certainly are free to begin doing just that if you choose. Many humans over the years have in fact built thousands of these things, and were greatly rewarded for having done so. But, until completion of such a task becomes an absolute necessity, you and I will quite likely never start the project; and if we do start, we’ll likely never finish because doing so may become seemingly impossible relative to our understanding of physics, mathematics, metallurgy, plumbing, carpentry, welding, structural design, computer technology and seafaring.

So…who does build these colossal structures?  These builder are people, jut like you and me, except for the unquenchable burning desire that lives in them whcih directs them to fish the job and elicit all the assistance from human being to have the expertise that the designer may lack.  None of these people hope for completion of the project…they have a profound NEED for there there to be few barriers to completion, and they have planned sufficiently well that there needs will never have to rely on hoping, dreaming,wishing or praying for divine assistance to get the job done.  The know that their “God” only helps those who help themselves and will never pick up a hammer, screw driver or an arc welder or rivet gun to help finish the job..

It’s only when a major aspect of our life depends on the completion of the project, and the knowledge that we will die in part otherwise, that we will do all of what is necessary to complete the 40-story high-rise buildings or the aircraft carriers.  The determined achiever will simply do what all achiever have always done, ‘i.e., taking the concept from pure Potential by first imagining it, then converting thought to substance by first drawing it, and then adding dimension to make it physically real beginning with eliciting the help of others with disparate talents and abilities, and then seeing to its fully three-dimensional manifestation.

So…’before writing out your objectives, choosing a mantra, and heading off to visit Mahesh Yogi in India on your trek toward bliss, stop!   ‘And take the time to figure out what your goals actually are, and which of your “wishes” can be converted to “Need”; and then assess your resources for accomplishing your aspirations. Should you come up short in the “resources” area, then you have to write-out a plan for either attaining what you are lacking; or for replacing what you are lacking with something of equal value that you have more than enough of (‘e.g., physical work can replace the need for cash; eliminating someone else’s burden can replace the need for credit; patience can replace experience; caution, diligence and research can replace formal education; hard-learned valuable skills and tenacity trumps a university degree every time.

A good test of which Wants and Wishes can be converted to Need, and then to Dire Necessity is to ask yourself which of the following you could in-fact live without in reasonable comfort…if you had to.  Strike through those items that are not completely necessary, and without which some part of you would not surely die. Whatevr remains are those item that are beyond just idle wishes: ‘they are your Wants. But, it’s crucially important to know that until each Want is elevated to the status of a Need (‘a life-sustaining necessity) it will likely continue to remain no more than an allusive and baseless hope, if not a wholly unattainable Wish.

  • Full-time self-employment
  • More social acceptance
  • More public popularity
  • Fame
  • Prestige
  • A better/safer living environment
  • A rich person’s high-class lifestyle
  • A bigger and more prestigious home
  • A new, more rewarding career
  • A chauffer driven limousine
  • A new face
  • New teeth
  • A trimmer or more attractive body
  • New friends
  • Better friends
  • A larger bank account
  • A large stock portfolio
  • A retirement fund
  • True Happiness (Bliss)
  • Personal contentment
  • Freedom from drudgery (‘more time to nap and play)
  • More self-esteem
  • An enhanced inner feeling of personal value
  • A more vacations and the ability to afford them
  • A less strenuous, demanding or tedious job
  • A much higher income
  • A different or more attentive spouse
  • A new identity
  • A more attractive physique
  • A private airplane
  • Freedom from disease worries
  • A newer car
  • A more showy car
  • An executive job title
  • A bigger office
  • A well-defined life-purpose
  • Great spiritual fulfillment
  • Greater spiritual understanding
  • Absolute certainty re. the existence or non-existence of God, demons, ghosts, space-aliens, angels, mountain monsters and mental telepathy
  • The ability to comfortably take risks that will pay off a lot of mone

Prayers, Wishes, Wants (Desires)…and true Needs:

1)         Praying – Acknowledging your inability to attain a desire on your own, and presuming it might come to you by way of divine intervention

2)         Wishing – being dissatisfied with the status quo and imagining that some extra-local non-spiritual source will provide you with something not yet extant

3)         Wanting –Imagining something that is not present, but for which you are unwilling to exert any special effort for its attainment.

4)         Needing – Requiring something, without which an early level of death will surely ensue

5)         Dire Need – An object that must, by all means, be manifested at any cost in order to avoid death

Never forget that, according to Epictetus, a 5th Century BC orator: “[A person’s] Wealth is measured only by the expense of one’s [that person’s] pleasures.

”In other words, when life itself is your gift, and when the least expensive pleasures are your greatest rewards, you are already wealthy beyond calculation: no matter how much or how little money you have. My own true net-worth quadrupled when my children were born, and quadrupled again with the arrival of my grandchildren.

Think about it…who is wealthier: the man with a big house and matching mortgage, five tapped-out credit cards and a 72-month payment plan on a new Mercedes Benz convertible–‘or a well-loved and highly respected Eskimo hunter with eight good dogs, a jolly fat wife, seven healthy children and five years’ worth of walrus blubber in the basement…’and plenty more where that came from?

The answer is, of course, ‘the Eskimo…’but only until and unless he would develop an eye for more than he has and not be able to afford it: say, an insatiable taste for filet mignon, Chateau Lafitte Rothschild and Mercedes convertibles. Should that happen, he instantly tumbles from real wealth… to abject poverty…UNLESS those things are what he truly needed and knew with certainty that he deserved and could afford them.

Converting a Want to a Need, and a Need to a Burning Desire (dire need) are the first real steps in serious goal-setting, and the process requires much thought and definitive action. For example, if you’re having difficulty in making the life-saving decision to jump off the 200 foot high cliff into the cold raging river below, in order to save yourself from the menacing band of angry marauding indians who are hot on your trail just a half mile behind you, and out to kill you…’and drawing nearer every second…’just do this: Tie the end of a long rope around your waist, then tie the other end around a large round boulder. Now roll the boulder to the edge of the cliff.

If, at this point you‘re still squeamish about jump into the river below, but know you have to, ‘simply push the rock the rest of the way over the cliff…’depending upon the length of your rope, your fate will be sealed in a couple seconds once the boulder hits the end of that rope. You needn’t worry about making decisions any longer, y ou set your life on a irreversible path to salvation.  A true Need tied to a definitive action is what brings all “Potential” into material reality and into our lives.

In 296AD, the Praetorian Prefect (a high office in the Roman Empire), Asclepiodotus, commanded an army belonging to the emperor Constantius Chlorus (Emperor of Rome 293-306), and led his troops against the usurper British emperor Allectus. Having arrived in Britain to confront Allectus, Asclepiodotus *’easy for you to say…) burned his own ships to prevent his men from retreating.  By burning the ships, a dire Need was fulfilled that might not have worked out so well for Asclepiodotus, had his soldiers been allowed to turn and sail home when they saw how outnumbered they were going to be in a couple hours, when the going got really tough.

To become honestly wealthy and attain abundance in this life you must first know what it is that you honestly want, and then you must convert that Want to a Dire Need and give yourself no choice but success (i.e., burn your bridges, decide that there can be no safety nets or turning back to the “old ways,” that  you’ve definitively decided to escape.


One’s “POA” is that long rope and that big ol’ rock at the edge of the cliff above the raging river that was referred-to above.  It’s the relinquishing of those aspects of Life that have mired you down in the mud of a lack of satisfaction with your current circumstances.

The POA is your design for success. It is the very map of your destiny. It becomes your guide to all of what you must do to become who and what you ‘need’ to be (‘not what you ‘want’ or ‘hope’ to be), and to attain all of what you need to own and control during this roller coaster ride called “Life.”

Goals that are held only in the mind of the hopeful are never goals at all. They’re just random electronic impulses left over from unfulfilled desires—nothing more.  It’s only when hopes and dreams begin the physical transformation from potential (‘that which is yet to exist, but which hangs eternally in wait for you to call upon it) through the process of writing down what Wants and wishes you’d like to convert to Needs, so that these thoughts can begin to take physical form as they metamorphose into honesty  versus day-dreaming.

As has been said many times by hundreds of “motivators,” handwriting your goals is always preferable to typing them out in your word processor. The more arduous and physical the mind-to-hand transference exercise is, the more likely and more immediately the transformation will take place (i.e., ‘the moving of a conceptualization from the ethereal realm of pure ‘potential’ into our world of material reality).

Although I don’t believe that viewing your goals daily and repeating them aloud to the bathroom mirror, or moaning a mantra is ever necessary, ‘it is none-the-less a good idea to keep these written objectives in a safe and secret place, and review and modify them every few months.  Simply write a letter toyu inner=-self listing want you want and when and why you need it, and how you care for it and what you’ll do with it when it manifests.  Then then fold your letter and place it in a safe and private place AND FORGET ABOUT IT.  The real God doesn’t have to be beseeched or reminded about what you need: ‘it knows with certainty, because it is that part of you that has always answered all of your worthy prayers and brought all of your honest needs to fruition.

Forty years ago, I was dissatisfied living on only $326 per-month (before deductions); although with that income in those days I could comfortably (sort of) cover a $60.00 per-month rent payment; a $49.00 per month payment on my brand new Ford Falcon; I could buy gasoline for 29 cents a gallon (‘full tank for $6.00); J.C. Penny’s clothing; and all the groceries we needed, for about $15.00 per week. And…after the bills were paid we often had enough leftover to take in drive-in movie with two 19 cent Mac Donald hamburgers (with fries).  Oh, ‘and water was free back then (‘in those days we didn’t know it had to come in plastic containers and cost more per-gallon than jet fuel).

Interestingly though, most of my close friends at the time who made even less than I did could somehow always afford to buy a case of beer and a carton of cigarettes along with their groceries every week. I often wondered how they managed to do that, when we seldom had that much left over, especially for fun stuff. I once asked my buddy Bob about it and he jokingly replied…”Hey man, it’s because beer’s a number one staple in my diet and I’d die without it.”

I didn’t get it at the time, but forty years later I began to appreciate Bob’s philosophy. The fact is that I only “wanted” a case of beer, but didn’t need it, ‘so I couldn’t afford it. But ol’ Bob needed it…’and it manifested for him…every week.

If it’s not a Need, ‘then it’s only a self-perceived, presumably undeserved passing fancy.

In those days we associated with friends who couldn’t afford even as much as we could (‘much less ol’ Bob): but I felt somehow looked-down-upon by those with life plans, whom I most wanted to impress and associate with, such as my high school acquaintances who were coming out of college as doctors, lawyers, engineers, dentists; local civic activists; politicians, etc.). But 40 years later, because of learning to Need versus simply dreaming, hoping, praying, beseeching and wishing…’and constantly asking “How” (Versus Why: “Why me God?”),  I found myself earning as much or more than most of them.

Q: What do you suppose it was that I did any differently then than I had            done forty years earlier?

A: Absolutely nothing, except for adopting and following a mental                    process that converted my idle wishing into Needing.  T fit into my                idealized self, I had to create a realized self that was at least equal to my     peers.

Could I live without the extras that my life now brings?  Certainly! At least a part of me could; but the other part would die a little, ‘and that scares that part enough to “Need’ to avoid the loss.

Am I wealthier because of these things? No! Not at all!  ‘Figuratively richer perhaps, but by no means wealthier. But, I do choose to defend and steward what I have?

Would I gladly and freely give away any extra that I’ve been given or earned? You bet!

It’s weird…’but I’ve discovered that the more I give of what I have, the less I need to have, and the more I am given, ‘for some inexplicable reason.

This “reason” for success and wealth, by the way, is fully covered in the religious writings of the world.  What it boils down to is simply that the Universe abhors a vacuum.  And therefore, our deigning to create a void by giving something away can only result in the instantaneous refilling of the space resulting from the absence of that which originally occupied the space.

If something is missing in your life…’stop hoping for it to magically appear and begin needing it and making it manifest.

If you have more of anything than you need: ‘give it away and the void left by its removal, will fill up faster than you can prepare for it:

  • Give [it away] and you shall receive [more of it].”
  • “Seek and you will find [abundance]” ‘when it is truly needed and not just idly hoped-for.” This is the uncompromising universal law and promise of abundance!
  • Prayers are always answered for Seekers and Doers: ‘but never for Dreamers and Wishers.
  • Knock… ‘and the door will open [i.e. ‘when you figure out whichis the proper door on which toknock, ‘which door, by the way, exists solely within you…’not somewhere in outer space or in another extra-local dimension.”

In the face of any dilemma or quandary, ‘remember always to begin any imploration or supplication (“prayer”) with the word “How” and never “Why” (‘i.e., ‘instead of “Why me, Lord,” ask yourself instead, “How, Lord, can I resolve or overcome this obstacle?”  Then wait for the answer that has been lingering patiently in your subconscious waiting for the question?)

“Re-read Napoleon Hill’s, ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ and you’ll discover “The Secret” that he talks about ‘but never explains…’fully expecting you, the reader, to figure it out for yourself.

We all dance in a ring and suppose
While the “Secret” sits in the middle…’and knows.

 Robert Frost


Speak to him thou, for he hears,
‘and spirit with spirit can meet.
Closer is he than breathing
and nearer than hands and feet.

Alfred Tennyson


Oh yeah, ‘and long-live the marvelous third-party trustee, co-beneficiary, inter vivos title-holding land trust transfer (the ©Equity Holding Corp. Trust Transfer System™) that has been making millionaires and waiting patiently for you…’for the past thirty-years…

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