Getting Started


You’re Ready to Go….

There are several ways to get started, each of which depends on your level of experience and preparedness.   If you’re new to this site, we suggest reviewing the various documentation options on our home page in order to determine what trust form and purpose best serves your investing needs and intentions (‘i.e., ‘will it be a short-term hold; a long-term hold; a simple asset-protection trust; a multiple-beneficiary profit-sharing trust; a temporary hold during fix-up and resale; ‘a medium term-hold for interim “bridge-financing”; ‘or is it simply your desire to provide full income-tax benefits for a Lessee (‘or a Tenant-Buyer); ‘or…are you perhaps seeking to avoid a new-lender’s loan-seasoning requirements.

If you would like us to walk you through any of the process, ‘we are always more than happy to do so. Simply write or call at any time (9:00am -5:30pm M-F, 9:00am –Noon on Sat.).


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