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Open Door Wealth Management, LLC,

A Nevada Limited Liability Company

2764 No. Green Valley Parkway Suite #200

Henderson, Nevada 89014



Phone 800 409 3444 (Cell 710 410 0650)


Bill Gatten – Training, Promotions, Customer Service (Ext. 150)

Gail Akalp – Accounting, Membership. Billing (Ext. 100)

Jeff Hatcher – Documentation, IT Management (Ext 102)

Maurice Kempner – Legal and Asset Planning (805) 844 7833

Michael Rivera – Social Media Marketing, HOA Lien training (310) 980 9378

On-Site Security – Bunker Gatten & Holly Hatcher (‘both professional Boxers)

The earliest predecessors of Open Door Wealth Management (The Company) were companies founded by Bill Gatten, beginning in 1984 with Resource Management Services, of Thousand Oaks, California.  Then within the intervening period of time the original organization altered its structure, location and scope a number of times until present.  The company has, in the past, been known as Resource Management Services, Cal-Equity Consultants, Partners with America Corporation, North American Realty Services, NARS Consultants and, with the most recent restructuring and addition of our newest partner and legal counsel, Attorney, Maurice Kempner of Valencia, California, we have become (‘and plan to remain) Open Door Wealth Management, LLC. (ODWM) of Henderson, Nevada.

The primary products and services of ODWM at present are the sales and marketing training in the field of continuing Creative Real Estate Financing Education and Property Acquisition through various methods including Direct Mail, Electronic Mail, Social Media Marketing, live workshops and seminars, as well as weekly Tele-conferencing and Webinar training.

In our nearly thirty years in business we have earned an excellent reputation for reliability and quality of service (‘even through the tough times…’and there have been a few of those), ‘and for all of that time we’ve continued striving for improvement in every aspect of our company and business practices, ‘while doing our best to continue providing the highest level of client satisfaction.

OUR GOAL: To become known nationwide as the most reliable and successful business of its type, ‘while striving always to remain unrivaled in areas of product knowledge, training-ability, and burgeoning financial success for our company, our clients and our students..

OUR MISSION: To ultimately legitimize and simplify the practice of Creative Real Estate Acquisition and Assisted-Financing in all quarters of the real estate investing industry (i.e., eliminating risks, dangers and down sides in all areas of wholly legal owner-assisted home-buying and selling).

OUR COMPANY SLOGAN:  Success is Showing-up; Paying Attention; Being Honest; and Remaining Unattached to the Outcome.

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